Why North Weald

North Weald Flight Training is proud to operate from ‘The Squadron’ buildings located airside at historic North Weald Airfield. Operating seven days a week and with our offices and briefing rooms located in this atmospheric setting this is the ideal place to learn to fly. The ‘NAAFI’ cafe serves delicious hot and cold food and there is a licenced bar in a historical wartime ‘Nissan’ hut setting. This makes for a relaxed and very enjoyable place to learn to fly and socialise. Friends and family are more than welcome to come along to watch and take pictures. They can of course make full use of the excellent facilities whilst you are flying.

North Weald Airfield is owned and operated by Epping Forest District Council. This ensures the airfield is maintained to the highest standards with full emergency services and its own control tower during operational hours.


We have the luxury of two concrete runways running north/south (02/20) and east west (12/30) plus a grass runway for use in the summer months.

Having a network of paved taxiways and aircraft hard standings we are fortunate to be able to fly and operate throughout the winter months when many flying schools operating from grass runways cannot due to water logging and boggy runways. This can be frustrating as well as possibly having a negative impact on the continuity of your training with costly interruptions and delays.

North Weald


Flight School

North Weald Flight Training is the only flying school providing basic training for the Private Pilot Licence (PPL) at North Weald. However, North Weald is also home to many fantastic aircraft types both new and old. The GNAT Display Team are based here as well as Spitfires, a Hurricane, P51 Mustang, P40 Kittyhawk and many more classic aircraft. Together with a whole range of light aircraft types including homebuilts the airfield is also the home to a Citation corporate jet and the Hertfordshire Air Ambulance.

There are not many airfields where your flight training will be conducted alongside some of the most iconic aircraft to ever fly. North Weald really is an exciting and fun place to learn to fly. Why not come and visit us, have a look round and enjoy the hospitality of this historic setting. We can be found in ‘The Squadron’. If you would like to discuss any aspects of training in detail and perhaps look at our aircraft then give us a call first so that we can ensure the availability of one of our experienced team.

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