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Our Story

Redefining the way you learn how to fly

North Weald Flight Training was formed in 2014 to provide a new standard in Flight Training. We have modern facilities, a customer focussed approach, an excellent choice of aircraft with an easy way to book your lessons online with our highly skilled instructors.


We are a leading provider of flight training in the South East of England and have an enviable reputation for our airfield facilities, aircraft fleet and experienced instructional staff that all go to help our many students realise their dream of flying an aircraft.


We pride ourselves on our professionalism. We aim to allocate each student as far as possible a dedicated instructor at the start of training. This allows a professional relationship to develop between instructor and student as well as maintaining training continuity throughout the entire course syllabus.

Our Student Coordinator along with our Head of Training will also take an active interest in every student, ensuring teaching standards are maintained and student progress is on track to ensure you become a safe, proficient and competent pilot.


Learning to fly is a great personal achievement. The journey through the major milestones of your training such as your first solo flight, to the thrill of holding your own licence in your hand should not only be a personal challenge, but also fun and enjoyable. Whether it be purely for leisure, or as a first step towards a flying career North Weald Flight Training can guide you through that journey.

With the continued growth of North Weald Flight Training and to provide the quality and reliability of aircraft to our customers our sister company FT Aero was formed in 2020 and received Civil Aviation Authority Approval in 2022 as an aircraft maintenance organisation.

We are open 7 days a week 362 days a year (Closed Christmas, Boxing Day and New Years Day)

Our summer hours are 08:30 – 18:00 and winter hours 08:30 – 17:00.

We look forward to welcoming you at North Weald soon.

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A message from our

Head of Training

Thank you for visiting our website which I do hope you find informative.

As Head of Training it is my responsibility to ensure as a team we deliver the highest quality flight training to the latest syllabus in a friendly, professional and enjoyable environment.

Whether you’re an aspiring new pilot or an existing license holder wishing to add further qualifications I look forward to taking an active interest in your training and welcoming you to North Weald Flight Training.

Stewart Braddon

Head of Training, Chief Flying Instructor, and Resident Flight Examiner/SRTOL Examiner

North Weald Flight Training
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