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Flying Courses

There may be many reasons for wishing to gain your pilot’s license. For leisure, as a new hobby, a personal challenge or even fulfilling a lifetime’s ambition.


You may be looking for a future career in aviation and want to be the airline captain of tomorrow. Gaining your license may be much easier than you think and we have the courses to help you at North Weald Flight Training.

For Information for the complete beginner click here.

Alternatively, you may already have your license and looking to gain additional ratings or improve your skill.

As a complete beginner there are two main licenses available to the new pilot:

  • The Private Pilots Licence (PPL) 

  • The Light Aircraft Pilots Licence (LAPL)


Our Courses

Click on the courses below to find out more information, if for whatever reason you'd like some more information on any of our flight courses please get in touch with us via email or telephone.

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