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Prices correct as of January 2023.

All prices include landing fees at North Weald and VAT where applicable.

All flights are subject to a Fuel Surcharge, please see reception for an updated surcharge which is subject to change.

Hourly Instruction in School Aircraft Dual & Supervised Solo PPL / LAPL

Cessna 150/152 (2 Seater)

Cessna 172 (4 Seater) 
Piper PA28 161 (4 Seater) 

Diamond DA40 G1000 (4 Seater) 

Block Discount & Pre-paid Courses

10 hours advance payment in a C152  for the PPL/LAPL

10 hours advance payment C172 or PA28 for the PPL/LAPL

(Pre-payment will include 2 free written theoretical knowledge exams applied to your account, worth £110)


Pre Paid Private Pilot’s Licence

  • 45 combined dual and solo flight training hours in a Cessna 2 seater 150/152 aircraft

  • 9 written ground exams

  • Radio Telephony Practical Test

  • PPL skills flight test with a North Weald Flight Training Examiner (excludes hire of aircraft for the test

(50% to be paid at the commencement of the course and 50% to be paid midway through the course)


Instrument Rating (Restricted) [IR(R)]

  • 15 hours Dual Training in a Cessna 172 or PA28

  • Written ground examination

  • Examiner fee

  • IR (R) seminar day 

Solo Hire for Tests and Revalidation's

Cessna 150/152 
Cessna 172 
Piper PA28 

Diamond DA40 



Instruction in your own aircraft (SEP Instruction)
CAA PPL Theoretical knowledge Exams 
One to One Ground School Tuition 
Annual Membership Fee 
Annual Insurance Excess Waiver 
Temporary Membership Fee 


Test Fees

Test Fees are for North Weald in-house Flight Examiners only.
External Examiner prices will vary and will be subject to travel expenses

PPL Skills Test 
LAPL Skills Test 
PPL Renewal/Revalidation Test 
IRR (R) Initial Skills Test 
IRR (R) Renewal/Revalidation Test 
SEP Licence Renewal (No Flight Test)

FRTOL Practical Test 


Solo Hire and Bundles

Cessna 152 Pay as you Go 
Cessna 152 10 Hour Bundle

Cessna 172/PA28

Cessna 172/PA28 10 Hour Bundle

Diamond DA40 Pay as you Go

Diamond DA40 10 Hour Bundle 

*All prices include 1 x take-off and landing at North Weald. Any additional landings / Touch and Go’s will be charged at £4.00 each additional landing.














































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