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Light Aircraft Pilots Licence

Key Info

The LAPL will allow you to fly within the UK. There are some restrictions with the LAPL and the privileges of this licence allow you to fly privately (not for remuneration or for any commercial purpose) as the PPL. The main restrictions and limitations of the LAPL are as below:

(a) The privileges of the holder of an LAPL for aeroplanes are to act as PIC on single engine piston aeroplanes-land or TMG with a maximum certificated take-off mass of 2000 kg or less, carrying a maximum of 3 passengers, such that there are never more than 4 persons on board of the aircraft.

(b) Holders of an LAPL(A) shall only carry passengers once they have completed 10hours of flight time as PIC on aeroplanes or TMG after the issuance of the licence

30 hours of Flight Training which includes the following:

  • 15 hours dual instruction

  • 6 hours supervised solo time

  • A solo cross-country flight of at least 80 nautical miles landing at different airfield to the departure airfield and then returning to the airfield of departure

And as with the PPL In addition to the flight time there are nine ground exams which you will need to pass. All are multiple choice answers in subjects that hopefully you will enjoy learning. The exams are an integral part of becoming a safe, competent and experienced pilot and the minimum pass mark is 75%

These are:

  • Air Law

  • Aeroplane General

  • Principles of Flight

  • Flight Performance and Planning

  • Navigation

  • Meteorology

  • Human Performance and Limitations

  • Operational Procedures

  • Communications

We will discuss with you in more detail which licence is right for you to ensure you complete the training that is right for your needs now and in the future.

Your new licence be it PPL or LAPL will allow you to fly single engine piston aircraft in daylight hours under VFR (Visual Flight Rules), Just imagine piloting yourself and your family or friends to France for the day!

Medical Requirements

Whether you choose to train for the PPL or the LAPL during your course and before your first solo flight you will be required undertake a medical examination and to be issued with a Pilot Medical Certificate. For the PPL this is known as a ‘Class 2’ Pilot Medical or for the LAPL course simply an LAPL Medical. These are issued by Aviation Medical Examiners (AME’s), Doctors who are authorised by the CAA to carry out Pilot Medicals and issue the appropriate certificates. Some GP’s who participate in the scheme can also issue LAPL Medicals only, however this is subject to a number of provisos. We can advise you on where to find an AME.

Interested In The Light Aircraft Pilots Licence?

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