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Instrument Rating Restricted IR (R)

Key Info

The IR (R) rating allows the holder to fly within more limiting weather and can potentially provide an additional margin of safety should conditions deteriorate during a flight. The IR (R) rating provides a time and cost effective alternative to the full Instrument Rating (IR). The IMC is a UK only rating and can be endorsed on a UK or UK issued EASA Part-FCL and used within UK airspace, excluding class A.

The course consists of:

  • 15 hours dual instruction 

  • 25 question multiple choice theoretical exam 

  • IR (R) skills test

Experience requirements: 

  • 25 hours total time post initial licence application which can include the training for the IR (R)

  • Must hold a UK FRTOL




The IR (R) is valid for 25 months 

Interested In Instrument Rating Restricted IR (R)?

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