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Ground School for Radiotelephony and FRTOL Practical

Key Info

To utilise a radio in an aircraft it is a requirement to hold a FRTOL licence.

A FRTOL examination is a practical exam with you and a CAA approved FRTOL examiner at the test centre (this is here at North Weald Flight Training)

Once having passed the Communications Theoretical test, many students still feel this does not give them the knowledge or confidence to take or pass the test.

Our FRTOL courses are here to help! On completion of your course your instructor will sign SRG1171 which recommends you for test and is to be given to our in house Flight Radio Telephony Examiners here at North Weald Flight Training.

Our courses run in small groups and will go through the syllabus items and prepare your real exam. This day will go through all the items you can expect to be tested with a group mock exercise at the end.

Our Radiotelephony courses are run on Saturday mornings throughout the year at only £180.00 per person.

Interested in Ground School for Radiotelephony and FRTOL Practical

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