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Intensive Ground School for PPL Theoretical Exams

Key Info

If self study is not for you, then we are here to help. Our intensive Ground School is tailored to pass your exams in minimum time whilst understanding and enjoying each subject.

Our class of small groups run throughout the year and we hope you enjoy learning in a fun and comfortable enviroment with like minded people.

Our intensive course will cover all 9 theoretical exams in just 5 days! At the end of the training each day you can sit the online CAA exams here at North Weald.

  • Monday - Air Law and Operational Procedures

  • Tuesday - Meteorology and Human Performance and Limitations

  • Wednesday - Aircraft General Knowledge and Communications

  • Thursday - Principles of Flight and Navigation

  • Friday - Flight Performance and Planning

Each day will start at 09:00 and finish at 17:00 with lunch and coffee provided.

The price of our intensive course is £1,375.00 for all 9 subjects and study material.

We do offer one to one training at £600.00 per day.

Interested in Intensive Ground School?

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